Origin24: Website Reborn & Relaunched

Origin24.com - Galway shopping & streetwear

Well here we go, Origin24 back online, brighter and bolder than before….It’s been a tough 5 years in retail so we had to go back and dream it all back up again.

Firstly I’d like to shout out a big thank you to Marty @ “the hidden collective” creative design agency for all his teams hard work and forward thinking and vision to make this project happen.

Thank you also to all the team at DC Shoes for all the support and encouragement to get us here in the first place…. It was a very proud moment to sign the contract for Galway City to be the first City in Europe to become the home of the DC Store Galway. We are fortunate to be the stockists of the largest selection of DC shoes, clothing and accessories in Ireland. We are looking forward to many more years of continued success and plan to create bigger and better youth event’s in the seasons to come…

We would also like to thank our friend at Carhartt for sticking with us through the tough times and again we continue to stock an extensive range of all Carhartt’s top quality Cargo’s, denim and street-wear collections for all Carhartt’s loyal followers…

And finally to you, our customers and friends since 1999 who have remained true and continued to support us and continue to visit our retail shop’s in Galway to this day. For this we are eternally grateful and will make it our mission to improve the services we offer you all in the day’s, week’s, month’s and years to come….You know who you are, shine on you crazy diamonds…

Photo: Boyd Challenger

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